Social Accountability Policy
PHILBOOK Consumer Product Inc. recognizes the need and is committed to provide safe, healthy, and socially accountable work culture in the Company and will practice the following:
Compliance to the requirements of the internationally recognized Social Accountability Standard SA8000:2014;
Will not engage, support, or tolerate the use of:

1. Child Labor
2. Forced or compulsory labor
3. Discrimination based on race, class, national origin, religion, disability, gender, etc.
4. Corporeal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse, harsh or inhumane treatment of personnel;

Will comply with all the requirements as outlined by national and other applicable laws including the international instruments and their interpretation with regards to:

1. Health and Safety
2. Working Hours
3. Remuneration;

Will respect and effectively communicate on freedom of association and right to collective bargaining;
Communicate this Policy to all personnel whether directly employed, contracted with or otherwise representing the Company and make it publicly available to interested parties upon request;
Review this Policy regularly in order to continually improve, taking into consideration changes in legislation, code of conduct requirement, and any other Company requirements.
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